Avenue Q Puppets

by Paul Jomain


Avenue Q Puppets for hire.

Paul Jomain maintained and replaced the puppets for Cameron Mackintosh’s production of Avenue Q for the six years of it’s West End Run and UK tour.  Josef Weinberger has made the show available for license in the UK.

Paul worked at The Jim Henson Company in London for some years and on TV shows, Mopatop’s Shop and The Hoobs.

Creator of the PG Tips ‘Monkey’ more information about Paul can be found on his website at www.pauljomain.biz .

Paul has made three full sets of puppets for hire in the UK.  These sets are probably the most complete available locally and not the smaller sets available elsewhere. They include the ‘Purpose Boxes’ and the ‘Nightmare Kate and Princeton heads’ and 4 weeks of rehearsal puppets.  

There are 33 hand made puppets in each set - enough versions in different costumes of each character for you to perform the musical Avenue Q 

without having to change costumes.

They are available on a weekly hire basis.

Training workshops on how to use the puppets are available from Nigel Plaskitt - Puppet Coach on the West End production and UK Tour as well as trainer for Sesame Street International and The Jim Henson Company.  See the next page.   Nigel’s website  www.nigelplaskitt.com

Hi Res photos of the puppets against a plain background are available for you to use in your advance publicity and programmes for a royalty fee of £20.

Contact us at    info@qpuppets.co.uk


One of our sets of puppets was featured in
Sell A Door Theatre Company’s National UK and Ireland Tour and was with them in Hong Kong.
Website www.avenuequk.com